Boys & Girls Club teens face off in a competitive 篮球 showcase



前辈 from Kalamazoo Central Jakeise Gardner puts on a show and puts shock in the eyes of the fans of the Adrian Boys & Girls Club. 球队mate, 二年级 at 卡拉马祖中央 Jamare Sims, sets a screen to open up Gardner for a wide open mid-range jumper.


On Friday, January 24, 2020, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kalamazoo’s Lake Street unit took a trip to a memorable 篮球 game against the Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee in Adrian, Michigan. There hasn’t been any time when Lake Street has gone up against another club outside of their counterparts, Northeastern Boys & Girls Club and Douglass Boys & Girls Club. So, for them, this is one of their biggest opportunities to show what they’re made of and make a statement that they themselves are a talented club full of excitement.  

本场比赛原定于测试湖街的能力在一个更具竞争力的游戏,而不是一个正常的,友好的比赛。虽然他们发挥竞争几乎每天,工作人员在湖街道没有他们推到了极限又对另一支球队。每一个成员,如卡拉马祖中央大二jamare SIMS,或者具有篮球的在他们的生活或甚至只是作为一个熟练的嗜好的背景。无论哪种方式,每个玩家表示他们的技能自豪感和奉献显著感。 

“虽然我们不以有组织的方式实践中,我们相互打所有的时间,”卡拉马祖中央高层jakeise Gardner说。 “所以它的几乎一样,如果我们练习。我们得到更好的交相辉映的;因此,我们需要证明在球场上。”  


The Boys & Girls Club Lake Street unit is one step closer to beginning a professional team with the teens. A selective few players have been notified if any information on the league comes out. This is essential for the players of the unit because those like Gardner have a passion for the sport and are willing to do whatever it takes to showcase their skills and get potential college scouts looking in their direction. These players are hoping to get the opportunity to form a league, play against other clubs, and sharpen their abilities, not only for their own benefits but to represent their Boys & Girls Club.

前辈 Jakeise Gardner had a mesmerizing night putting up 35 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 steals. With a few jaw-dropping highlights, such as his dunks that shocked the crowd of the Adrian Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee, Gardner has put his foot down and guaranteed that losing was not going to be on his mind at all. Gardner has grown up in a family of purebred 篮球 players that are known for their impressive abilities; therefore, he sets a very high standard for himself on the court. Disciplined and determined, Gardner knew he wasn’t going down without a fight.

“没有办法,我旅行这么远,发挥出镇只输了,” Gardner说。 “我们要发挥我们最困难的,不管是谁的地板上。”